荻野 寿也

Reproduction of the original scenery in Japan and creation of the abundance of the life with green. It is the essence of work of Toshiya Ogino Landscape Design.

It is our role that we get people who live the present age to feel healing and peacefulness through the production of the garden and landscape, and I believe that better synthetic space and environment can be made by making construction and a city beautifully from step. In case of residence, building is clothes for the visitor who lives in the house, and the garden is existence like shoes. Like shoes nestle up to a foot as time passes, I think the garden should be kind for life and architecture quietly , and should wrap us gently. By using trees, a stone, water, a flower, etc. which have been existing before man had civilization, gardening can produce scenery as if it exists from old times. In Japan where 70 percent of countries are mountains are surrounded by beautiful nature from Hokkaido to Okinawa, and it has cherished japanese life culture. Feeling such nature everyday, probably, we have felt unconsciously humane sense of relaxing like warmth or cool. If the green connected the house and the town, there happens communication between people inside of the house and those who walk in the city, I think that a rich and fortunate life can be realized. It serves as the individuality of the area and being succeeded by people's memory is our dream as new original scenery of the place.

In order to realize the dream, we seriously choose trees and the flower suitable for the area, place and clients, attach a stone, a creek, etc. , and provides them as a garden on site. That thorough focus on on-the-spot activities is the greatest feature of this company. I think that it is true craftsmanship just by actually making not only in a paper design. Because a garden is like a picture, sculpture, space, image and cooking, the delicate adjustment is impossible, unless we can make it on the spot. Then, I hope that everyone feel the cool of the fresh scent and wind unique to plants and the brightness of a life which are produced in the garden.

I would like to send to the Japan whole country and the world from Osaka aiming at the production of the garden with which I get many people to be pleased.


Toshiya Ogino
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